Get Your Party on With Limo Buses

For a bachelorette party or any kind of event you will need to move your guests from one venue to another. If your guest wants to take a night out round the city without worrying about transportation then a Montreal party bus is an ideal option.


For the enjoyment of the riders, the party buses come loaded with posh amenities.

TV and Video System: For the entertainment of the guests, the party bus feature state-of-the-art video systems. The guests will be able to use them play everything from music videos to live videos. As a result, the people can enjoy a true party atmosphere.

Stereo Systems: Since it is a party bus, audio systems are a must. It allows the guests to play the music of their choice as they travel around from one destination to another. The ample space inside the bus also enables the party-goers to dance to the beat of the music.

Lavish Upholstery: The upholstery usually features high-quality leather that allows the guests to travel in comfort and style. This is especially important after the party as the guests will be able to relax while they head home.

Air Conditioning with Climate Control System: Whether it’s sweltering hot weather or freezing outside, the buses are designed to provide you with ultimate comfort thanks to the state-of-the-art climate control system.

Bar and Beverage Section: Since it is a party, the buses feature a well-stocked bar for the guests to enjoy while travelling. In case, the party bus is going to be used by minors or others who do not drink alcohol, there will be beverages to enjoy instead.montreal limo bus

Wi-Fi: Staying connected is essential. This is ensured by the presence of Wi-Fi in the bus. Guests can use it to upload pictures and videos of the party or conduct other internet activities as they travel.

Charging Points: The charging ports inside the party buses, will allow the guests to keep their electrical equipments fully charged.

Professional Driver: The drivers of the party buses are professionally attired. The drivers have at least five years experience in executive transportation. Moreover, the guests can remain assured of having a safe and fun ride to and from their destination with trusted drivers on board.

The party buses are a safer alternative to cabs. The party buses are regarded as an ideal means of transportation that can promise a luxurious journey. Party buses are ideal for a lavish and enjoyable ride with guests and friends.