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Discover Benefits of Cloud Services from a Canadian Cloud Service Provider

Do more with less with Cloud Services... Market Web brings many years of experience in delivering valuable IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Since 1999 Market Web has been a full service IT company with a twist; we believe in you getting the most value out of your IT dollar, without you having to build it in-house.

Cloud Services

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There are two hot markets in IT today; Mobile and Cloud Services. The term Cloud has had a strong increase in interest over the last 5 years. Recently, Warrren Buffet, one of the worlds foremost investors and known to be normally cautious of technology, invested over $10 billion in IBM, the worlds largest Cloud Service Provider.

Our goal is to provide small and medium businesses technology infrastructure as a service. In other words, instead of managing servers, backups, security, software etc, in-house, we provide most of this as a service to businesses for a low monthly fee per user.

Hosted Exchange

One of our more popular services is Hosted Exchange, where all of the organizations email, contacts, calendar and tasks are synchronized with user's computers, webmail, smartphones and tablets. Your staff can enjoy shared Calendars, Shared Contact Lists, Distribution Lists and much more. A normal Exchange environment would cost at least $10,000 to setup and then many more thousands of dollars to maintain. With Market Web, you get to benefit from this enterprise infrastructure and these productive features, with just a very low monthly fee per user!

Cloud Services by Market Web

Cloud services is a booming business and there are many CSPs in the space today. However, what makes Market Web unique, is 1) we have been in this space since 1999, long before most players and 2) we are a company that you can count on even after hours.

Our services include Hosted Exchange, Hosted Desktop, Hosted VOIP, Hosted Unified Communications and more.

We have been in operation since 1999, our carrier class data centre (run by Bell Canada) is in Edmonton, Alberta with a sales office in Montreal.

Unlike other Cloud Service Providers, we provide a full spectrum of IT services designed to give organizations the same access to technology and services that Fortune 500 companies have, but without the huge capital and ongoing maintenance costs.

No Capital Cost

Many organizations are using Cloud Services to help reduce the cost of technology, improve security and disaster recovery and gain access to enterprise processes without the burden of licensing and running servers onsite. With our services, there are no requirements for capital or other hardware costs, just a computer with an Internet connection, we take care of the rest. It also has the added benefit of extending the shelf life of your computer desktops because all of the horsepower for the virtual desktop, to run programs like MS Office and your own licensed accounting programs like QuickBooks and Simply Accounting reside on our powerful Dell Servers..

Hosted Solutions can bring enterprise IT and productivity tools and a secure network infrastructure to your desktop without you having to spend on capital, licenses and ongoing maintenance. Read on about our Hosted Microsoft Office™ and Hosted Unified Communications solutions.

Web Design & Development

Our Web Development and Design team can build you the tools and applications needed to conquer the web! Whether it is a registration and competency tracking system for a health professional college, or an ecommerce website to kick start your new venture, we have the experience and in-house knowledge to make the web work smarter for you.



Outsourced network and outsourced phone systems, what could be easier?

Hosted Solutions


Hosted Microsoft Office™

Hosted Desktop

Businesses of all sizes depend on Microsoft Office™ to help them get their work done faster & smarter. But the cost of buying & upgrading individual licenses for every computer in your organization can be prohibitive - especially for smaller, seasonal & rapidly growing businesses. Switch to Hosted Office by Market Web.


Hosted Unified Communications

Hosted Unified Communications

Tired of coordinating voicemails, emails, instant messages & faxes? Pull together your business communications tools into one simple hosted system.

Improve productivity. Miss fewer messages. And just plain communicate better.

Web Design & Development


Web Design

Web Design

Get a website that works! Market Web works with you to produce a website for your business that is usable, scalable, search engine optimized & compatible with different Internet browsers. Find out about:


Web Applications

Web Applications

Streamline workflow processes. Reduce margins of error. And integrate your business transactions.

How? With a custom web application built to simplify work... and accessible from anywhere, any time. Learn about: